Write Reports in Excel

Several sets of permissions play a vital role in the writing of Excel reports. These permissions are multifaceted and are deployed to carry out specific task related to report generation. In fact, to enable a user to view the report, view permission is required to be granted to the user. Similarly, modification of reports demand different types of permissions. Excel reports, which appear onto dashboards, contain data files from analysis service cubes. There are certain requirements for viewing dashboards. The server hosting team project portal needs to run on SharePoint server. Viewing, refreshing, or creating Excel report from dashboard single sign on protocol needs to be initiated and activated onto SharePoint server. The alternate method is windows authentication.

Unique Single Sign on Authentication

System administrator can issue a sign on authentication for viewing of enterprise dashboard and to write reports in Excel. To ensure smooth logins onto the system, the administrator needs the dashboard compatibility. The web application must be configured to initiate single sign on process. In addition, the users group must be inserted within the permission parameters set on server, so each of the users can access the server system within the allotted role of responsibilities without any hindrances. This unique combination of logins makes the system more secure and security vulnerability tends to be on lower scale.

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