Windows Authentication and Project Management using Excel

Windows Authentication – Safe and Secure

System administrators, to enable windows authentication system, deploy different procedures. They should host the user’s team on data tier server. In fact, SharePoint web application with Kerberos authentication is used frequently. The users need to be inserted in analysis services of SQL server in the TfswarehouseDataReaders security role. This system of integration of windows authentication reciprocates in tighter and strong authentication system for users onto Excel reports. However, for users to save files in document node, all the users must be members with group project portal.

Necessary Configuration for Excel Reports

Project portal is the base canvas for several linked users to access reports engine. Excel reports are stored on a server; this offers versatile access of reports from several locations. All users can access the system via dedicated portal. However, this condition is only met with two pre-requisites. The project portal must be set up with users inserted and permitted to access it.  Unless both the conditions are not met, the users are not allowed to peep inside the system. This extra layered security is essential for integrity of the report engine and safekeeping of data and reports.

Project Management – Essence of Reporting!

Project management is a comprehensive term and is comprised of various underlying factors, which are important. Several additional options of charts and pie diagram are well collaborative and offer substantial clarification to viewers about the report elements. Various aspects can be bifurcated and explained individually through charts to enhance the focus on specific factors of performance monitoring. The X and Y co-ordinates of these charts becomes the best marketing manager of the report data to convey the message within the chart and on global approach, about the report too. This additional functionality derives through extra programming of table cells with suitable formulas.

Using Excel windows authentication and project management become more feasible and create a simpler and safer document reporting.

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