Server Friendly Methods When Using Excel for Reports

Perfect Solutions for Larger Magnitude

The other mode of data execution on a larger scale is via using derivatives of Excel programming. In fact, still usage of macros is not essential. Excel has a capability of simplifying complex set of operations by creating executable command line instructions, which invoke on data inputs in master sheet and perform the pre defined sets of actions. These programs follow attributes and links to various other data sources. So without even inserting the actual data in report sheets, reports are generated. This is further enhanced with various available formulas, ready for use. In fact, for users with adequate knowledge of Excel formulas can do the task of report generation. The working environment of Excel is already familiar to most of the users, so it becomes imperative to generate quality reports easily even for novice users.

Optimum Performance with Minimum Resources

Excel reports run seamlessly on servers. These servers are usually deployed in accordance with web portals necessary for accommodation of several users. It becomes important to avoid the usage of high resource consuming procedures as this might lead to slower performance. Use of repetitive looping needs to be avoided with utmost care. These tiny precautions help in speedier deployment of Excel reports for optimum server performance. Optimized use of stored procedures is also beneficial while generating reports. Complete balance should be maintained within all the sections of reports like headers, footers and details. These server friendly methods enable cohesive interaction in server engine and offers smooth processing.

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