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Generating Reports with Less Effort and More Speed

Every business is bound to produce reports periodically on a monthly basis or weekly. Generating reports manually and presenting with pixel perfect representation is no more a tedious task. To

Excel Data Reporting to Extract Information Quickly

Most significant features of Excel data reporting tool such as identifying the already defined queries and making use of these to generate reports instead of creating a new query script

Design Reports Effortlessly on Excel Platform

This is one common problem that many programmers face – filtering of duplicate data in rendered report. Duplicates and triplicates when you design reports makes it more complex and would

Strategic Analysis Made Simple with Excel Reporting System

Strategic Analysis

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Success of a business relies mostly on the appropriate data collected for decision making and strategic analysis. Keeping all the crucial financial information disclosed from hackers, a difficult task for decades is now overcome by the development of security check in Excel Reporting Tools. Though there have been many Reporting Tools published in the market for gathering data, people often prefer using Excel Reporting Tools, says Survey. Many longstanding advantages have made the Excel pivot tables to reach such heights. Get to know some significant features in Excel Reporting which will enhance your process of data extraction:

  • One best instance to prove this fact is the formatting styles. Excel Reporting not only consists of a huge array of formatting styles and functionality. It also allows the programmers or business users to import their formatting styles as templates which could be called for every report and sub report generation for strategic analysis.
  • Though you are ready with appropriate data fetched from different kinds of data sources and from different companies for references, switching between tabs of data does not please users. Instead Excel Reporting allows you to include hyperlinks which will direct you to the appropriate tabs automatically from the back end. The most adoptable way of storing these hyperlinks is to make use of tables in data sources. These links can be stored to a column and from the tables, data could be brought out to the front end as and when required.
  • Excel Pivot tables are a boon to the Report generators for strategic analysis. None of us have enough time and patience to wade through the entire details present in a report. To make it more interesting, developers often prefer using the Pivot tables which will help summarize all data represented in reports. This in turn will help users to apply a creamy layer on top of all unwanted data and expose only the needed data to managers.

Unlike any other reporting tools, Excel has the most efficient and inbuilt set of formulas which can crack any kind of conditions applied by the business users. Formula can also be customized by inserting a text pad with newly designed formula. Now you will be ready to go with all kinds of reports to satisfy all your reporting needs for startegic analysis.

Reporting Tools to make your Decision Making Simple

Reporting Tools

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No matter how expensive it is, businesses always are concerned about security of the most crucial information. Since most reporting tasks are bound to produce data for budgeting and decision making on financial status of a business, it is important to be wise while choosing the tool. And no wonder, Excel format reporting always excels in ensuring the safety of data.

Since there are options available in reporting tools to set authentication to certain queries and reports, the appropriate reports will be displayed only to those with corresponding access controls. By this manner, access control is properly maintained in excel reporting tools.

Reporting tools provide you with options to make your data set to be static or dynamic. It will prompt you to click on the query object you have created instantaneously and direct all the data into real time data sheet that comes along with the software. But one thing to be noted is that, each time you move data into real time data sheet, you will have to refresh the page using the “Refresh” button to apply changes to worksheets.

Reporting Tools should not place limitations on the number of queries to be executed and also the size of a query. It should also keep track of all the previously executed queries with a futuristic approach. This is to ensure that the same query in a compiled version can be used in future which will reduce the time of compilation.

Once all queries are executed, make sure that navigation between tabs are properly set by the Reporting Tool. If not, there might be a gap in understanding the flow of data leading to wrong decisions in business. Before delivering the reports, final validation can be made on the reports by using the unit testing mechanism to provide better results.

Create Reports by Focusing on Quality

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

Image Courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net

Excel has a variety of tools that can be used in a quick way for analyzing the information. One of the most crucial one is Excel formula, other tools consists of Pivot Tables, Excel Tables, Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, Form Controls, Shapes and Named Ranges. The list for tool in excel reporting is never ending.

After proper analysis and assembling of excel tool,you can create reports. The best feature of any report is its capability to be interactive and intuitive so that users can easily understand and use it accordingly. Some features of excel report also permits them to select the time period, region and products etc. and will offer them with the capability to get solutions to their questions without any need of creating another report for similar purpose.

The best thing about excel report is that, any user can simply generate without any requirement of any extra software. If you install excel reporting tools in a correct way, then you can easily update it without any problem and create reports without any need of copy and paste method or importing your data. These reports offers valuable insights into the KPI’S of the organization, and perhaps most crucially; they are highly interactive, which signifies that the end user can alter and modify the type of views of reports.

Excel also lends matter to your design aspirations. In absolutely no time, Excel can turn tedious to look at data into intriguing graphs and charts that are easier to understand and represents data illustratively. It can amaze you with its capabilities to handle tremendous data in tables, reflective reports and interactive dashboards. Easy wizards and menu option makes it very easy to generate useful reports on Excel. Even non technical staff can easily use it effectively through handy guides and help options.