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The Art of Automating Reports in Excel (Part-3)

Automating Reports in Excel: Expose the worksheet in read-only mode. [DIM XLAppSet XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.App")xlapp.visible=falsexlapp.workbooks.open \\excelloc\filename.xls,3,] Restore the information and save the report, in this example as a PDF with

The Art of Automating Reports in Excel (Part-2)

Assign code for individual calculation field. You will once more employ the similar 2 lines as explained above, but in this situation your ActiveCell. Value represents numeric function, like, SUM,

The Art of Automating Reports in Excel (Part-1)

One of the numerous attributes of MS Excel is its capability for automating reports. Users can easily generate high quality spreadsheets for simplifying others’ capability to feed information into its

Refine your Reporting standards With Excel 2013

Excel 2013

Find out how Excel’s new features push your business performance to the next level
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If reporting is an inevitable task in your organization, it could never be more rapid, refined and remunerative than with Excel 2013. Excel provides an easy yet ultra smart interface to generate resolute reports that can be used to make business operations more dynamic and proactive. There are scores of features in Excel that makes it a preferred choice of many organizations; here are the top most imperative ones that are now available with Excel 2013 to empower your business operations with enhanced efficacy:

Swift Data Analysis

Earlier, users needed some time to customize their reports with different colors, formats and alignments. The swift data analysis feature now makes it super fast. Various formatting and color settings options are available to you as soon as you select a range of data in a sheet. Quick preview options are also available to help you select and apply the best formatting that perfectly portrays your data.

Excel Survey Options

This is an enormously powered tool that is available with SkyDrive. For the parts of your Excel report where you may need to invite suggestions or input from the end users, Excel 2013 provides an easy way. Earlier, such tasks involved third party tools which were not very safe as it could lead to undesired data leakage. In Excel 2013, users can easily select the Survey options from the SkyDrive menu.

Instant Chart Recommendations

This feature saves a lot of time and effort that was previously needed to select and use the desired chart form. The chart recommendation option instantly reads the form of selected data and recommends the most suitable form of chart to be applied for best illustration of the data. Quick buttons are also readily available to efficiently customize the chart with different color, caption and label options.

The Power View

It helps to generate interactive Excel reports. You can amass multiple data sets and draw coherent relations between data. Power View can deploy online technologies like SilverLight and Bing mapping for professional reports and dashboards.

Enterprise Solutions

Excel Enterprise solution caters to big organizations that need to handle big data with more astuteness. It provides utmost control over the data along with easy storing and tracking features without any third party support.

Creating Qualitative Excel Dashboards

Excel Dashboards

Excel Reporting gets the best out of your data in quick time
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Excel reports are widely used by huge number of organizations to develop their business operations to be more futile and swift. Here are some of the unique features of Excel dashboards that help generate qualitative reports in a jiffy:

Excellent Settings

Plenteous of process settings are available with Excel to be deployed as per requisition. Superlative reports can easily be created through data linking. Infinite data can be linked on a single sheet. This facilitates easy data updates. If the linked data is updated at the source location, the resulting figures in the final report are automatically updated without ado. This dynamic setting saves a lot of time and effort to keep the reports up-to-date in accord with latest business figures. It reduces the chance of clerical errors as well.

Economical Solution

User friendly environment and less cumbersome operations make Excel an advantageous choice for many business organizations. Since operating Excel is far easier, organizations can cut the costs of training their employees. It does not require any type of coding and most of the company employees are already familiar with this super friendly environment. However, to fetch finer results out of the available data, a successful implementation of features is necessary; to solve this issue, Excel comes packed with easy help, tutorials and online support through several channels of technical blogs, forums and online communities.

Rapid Results

Several formulas and readily available graphical representation options help produce Excel reports that are fast and highly presentable. It allows the end user to be creative with many data handling and designing options. The available templates and color settings can evidently be used to give your reports a slick look. All this is amazingly simple and swift in Excel.

Automated Web Reports

The self updating Excel reports in forms of Excel dashboards are a huge blessing for organizations that have units positioned at distant locations. Excel uses web technology for easy distribution of reports across many users who can globally access and use the Excel reports.

The data is stored and processed in master data files and whenever theses master files are amended, each amendment is reciprocated in each concerned report at each location. Within a matter of few seconds, the necessary changes are accessible to all end users irrespective of their locations across the globe.

Effortless Data Drilling with Excel Spreadsheet

XML Spreadsheet

How Excel Reporting plays a major role in bringing up data smoothly
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The technological realm is developing at a high speed with new tools and programs produced every hour to support businesses through efficient data management and calculation mechanisms; but is it really required to unnecessarily laden the business operations with bulky software and complicated programs when Excel spreadsheet can do everything expertly?

Current technology can definitely strap up more convenience and easy data handling to enhance business efficacy but organizations do need to keep it simple and manageable. Too many programs can make even simpler tasks eternally complicated. During all this, Excel is one such tool that has proved to be incessantly useful and adequate to sensibly handle business data and its processing. Among many crucial features offered by Excel, data drilling is the one that can help business organizations to fetch the crux of business operations.

Excel spreadsheet can generate comprehensible reports through data that is entered into several rows and columns. The data can be drilled or analyzed as per business requirements to determine useful information, actionable figures and predictable results. Here are most constructive features of Excel that helps in generating reports to enhance utility:

  • If organizing the data well is of paramount importance to your organization, Excel offers easy solutions. Thousands of columns and rows are spread open to store and organize data in a usable format. Categorizing the data with different headings is also very easy in Excel that makes the entire data more logical.

  • Efficient data mining is another preeminent feature of Excel reports. While looking for a particular data on papers or other complex tools can be very difficult, Excel makes it fast and precise through easy cell references with absolutely no dropouts. To further ease the data finding process, Excel has the Find Command that can swiftly look and present the desired information no matter where it is located in the entire worksheet.

  • Graphical representation of data is highly attractive and easy to understand. Excel can easily convert staid data into interesting and coherent charts or graphs. Creating histograms, statistical graphs, scattered diagrams, pie charts and many other types of graspable charts is exceedingly easy in Excel spreadsheet. These charts can easily be copied over PowerPoint presentations or Word documents for expound uses.