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Tips to make better Reports with an Excel Spreadsheet

Enough has been said about excel reports and their various utilities and functions.  Smart people do not want to know the long route, instead they ask for quicker routes with

Easy and Convenient Excel Tools

Excel report makes exclusive use of charts and graphs instead of numbers in the presentation of data. Graphs and charts present the large and boring information in a beautiful way,

Accelerate your Business with Proficient Excel Reporting

Monitoring huge data in real time is most essential for any enterprise. Business Intelligence with Excel reporting offers streamlined monitoring solutions for all key performance indicators. Entire management and manipulation

Innovative Solutions with Excel Reporting Software

Excel Reporting Software

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The feature rich Excel reporting software can be the best way to integrate and immerse information and develop innovative solutions for a more seamless way of business performance in today’s competitive market.

Excel reporting software is of course very dynamic and can be expanded in various forms. For instance, it is easy to apply filters, change field locations, and it can be displayed instead of the conventional tabular reports (dozens of them). It is always easy to handle it and the Excel tools are always ready to perform tasks without any set of intervals and hassles.

Above anything else, Excel reports are highly cost effective when compared to its competitive reporting solutions. For instance, to involve a new enterprise reporting software tool, the application must be first installed. This can definitely add extra burden in terms of support, licensing costs, and the training required to get your employees acquainted with it. It is not an easy job, as it involves lot of patience and time-consuming process.

However, by involving Excel reporting software, one can easily avail it, as it is already prevalent in the enterprise’s computer systems and employees are more familiar with the basic sets of Excel reporting. Therefore, in bright contrast, reporting software based on Excel can simply save time and money exorbitantly.

Excel is a COM object application and can be automated with installation of COM Object library. Users who are familiar with writing macros are familiar with Excel automation. The principle is same, but the derivatives and methodology is slightly different. For automation, first an Excel application object is created. Then a new or existing workbook is opened and updated. While updating the workbook, all the cells and content of excel file is updated. Later, the workbook is saved or printed. Excel object model comprises almost 250 object types. However, usually four of them are required most frequently.

Creating Excel Reports is no Rocket Science!

Excel Reports

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Excel reports do not require masters in rocket science to generate them. The formatting and creation of reports based on basic formulas is very easy to comprehend by following few techniques and little experience. In real terms, Excel reports can be procured by retrieving data from an enterprise’s database in real time.

Typically, most of the reporting systems consist of running the data by launching an application and then secondly by exporting it to familiar bases like the Word or Excel for formatting and importing. However, by involving Excel functionality, now it is easy to accomplish it all in just a fraction of second, with just few clicks.

Being able to pull data directly from a database may safeguard the accuracy of the data, but it doesn’t guarantee that you are receiving all the data you need in order to form an accurate conclusion. The data must be complete, and in our digitized world, dealing with machine readable data can be a challenge.

Many reports are the summary of bits of data that reside in different data sources and in different data formats, and bringing them together is essential to the impact of the reports. For instance, you may be creating reports that display financial data spanning long time periods. You may be pulling data from several different types of databases, and the data may be in a variety of formats.

Unfortunately, many reporting products do not allow the inclusion of certain types of data or inclusion from multiple sources. But getting the data to say what you need them to say is often a matter of what types input you can use, what output you can get and how you can make them look.

What’s the bottom line? It’s not enough to ‘know your stuff,’ as they say. Great data is useless if you can’t share it, show it or have it make your case. Today more than ever, data representation is difference between having an effective report vs a bunch of useless information. Having the best reporting tool to allow the right person to show the relevant facts in an interesting way, makes all difference in getting a report you can use.

Harness the Excel Platform – Get Real Time Information

Excel Platform

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With the aid of Excel platform, it becomes easy to develop multiple reports faster, and it can even liberate you to adapt swiftly with various altering business standards. You can build Excel reports on your own, by just understanding few basic principles and resources. It of course, melts away any kind of time limitations and can help meet your reporting goals with persisting ease!

Availing features in the realm of Excel platform, such as the drop down lists, pivot tables, and other amazing controls do not lock or limit your spectators to just single view. Moreover, the marvelous Excel workbook consists of various worksheets, so users have the opportunity to add or make notes of their unique data. This way, it leads to better collaboration between multiple users for perfect data analysis and reporting.

Excel platform with the aid of its robust object model and best programming language, it becomes easy to connect multiple databases. It can also help create automatic reports that run practically on its set schedule and several event based triggers.

Excel can turn into your very own magical wand to create reports with the aid of its multiple features and functionality available at hand. You can get spirited away with its phenomenal reporting capacity from humble tables to gigantic dashboards that are sure to surprise everyone.

You can now build and manage Excel reports with the best analytical concepts and well defined reporting components. By harnessing Excel platform:

You can automate recurring processes and tasks. Create eye turning reports
Impressive and interesting depth of information in every report.
Even add interactive controls to display multiple views of the same Excel report.
Accessing of various external data sources to stretch your reporting requirements.

You can now skim data like never before with the aid of Excel and go beyond conventional tables and charts to get an in depth look at the information. You can move from simple spreadsheets to ravishing reports by employing Excel reporting tool.