How to Format Year End Sales Report in Excel

Sales Report

Yearly Sales Report
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Formatting Yearly sales report in Excel is simple, with the help of these easy to follow tips for effective presentation:

1) All Columns should be formed equally

  • Provide the generated sales report a refined look by giving all columns in each tab with equally spaced width this can be made possible in this way:
  • Selecting each column that you want to give equal width, you can easily accomplish this by using mere click and drag option from the uppermost row to give them all an equal width.
  • Then make selection to the column and keep dragging it till it gets the desired width. But, before this step do not forget to select the very top row by using an icon with left and right pointed arrows.
  • Excel has this inbuilt wizard gives information about the exact width of cell so making changes in other columns will be easy.
  • In case you get error when data entered is too big, then user can solve this problem by increasing the width of the cell by double-click. This will fix the width of the cell as required in an automated way, or you can also set the width by same drag and drop function.

2) Standardizing Color and Format options

  • Try to use constant color and formatting scheme throughout the report, try using firm based color scheme when it is required by the report. In case when selecting and applying different color is required, then use diverse colors available for excel sales report.
  • But try to ensure that every tab is ready for closing before saving the file finally.
  • The Painter Brush option give permission for selecting the cells that user wants to copy for uses like formatting. To access this function, double-click on this function, clicking one time will help in turning this feature off.

3) Visually enhanced features add more viewers to the report

  • There are very less people who are interested in viewing numbers in report, so, adding graphical representation, and charting to the Excel report will help in increasing the visual quotient of the report.
  • Graphical representation of numbers wills surely increases the visual quotient of reports but, these methods of generating report is not good when, data you have will not result in graphs that shows intensive growth. In such case try to use only numbers in report.

4) Grouping of Rows and Freezing of Cells should be done only when required

  • Group function can be used in creating excel based reports that stand out differently from others report. Grouping of rows can be used for removing clusters form the report.
  • In case when table is large, then full table can be viewed only by scrolling down the table. To accomplish this task select freeze cell option.

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