Eliminating Bugs using Excel

Management of Bug Backlog

Bugs are impediments, which needs the attention and address to resolve for the smooth functioning of any program. Bugs are usually programming errors or errors while executing the codes of program. Within Excel reports, charts can elaborate the occurrence of bug events and their status of resolution. These constructive mechanisms allow programmers to control the damage and prevent further bug in the code. Large Corporate firms might need a qualified team of expert programmers for this task. This team is responsible for smooth functioning of the program engine. This team also ensures the resolution on occurrence of program bugs. Eliminating bugs using Excel makes code writing and document reporting much faster.


Test Management and Build management

Team members monitor reports in progress, test activities, and gaps in test coverage by deploying various methods. These methods are goal specific and target oriented. There are certain test areas, which require continued development and does demand deterioration of values of performance. Test dashboard displays all these reports within its circumference of operation. Separate team handles users created disturbances. Over the period, source file keeps changing at a regular interval. In addition, the source code needs to be tested periodically for any statutory changes. Programmers can use simple readily available tools to monitor and resolve the issues. Source code related issues demand for exceptionally quick address and resolutions. Software release and quality management is also vital for smoother performance.

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