Automation of Excel reports – Creating Excel objects

Application Object:

Creation of application object is primary step in automation of Excel reports. A fresh instance of Excel gets started when you create application object. This enables users to manipulate ad program the worksheet. This is the most important stage of automation. During the automation, users have a choice of keeping workbook invisible or visible. Both can be toggled with a single click of a button. As in the automation and emailing mode, invisible mode is adopted or while on screen process viewing, it is kept on visible mode. However, it is important to understand that only one single instance of application object is sufficient for all workbook instances.

Workbook Object

The later stage of creation of application object is to create or open a workbook. This is important, as Excel does not allow instance of empty workbook in the beginning. However, workbook object is the most primary document, which users will run and save. Workbook object reciprocates into Excel workbook.

Worksheet Object

A newly opened workbook contains three worksheets. Worksheet is the actual data sensitive workspace, where data is inserted and stored. This offers a primary support for reading and editing the content of the worksheet. Worksheet object represents the live worksheet from the Excel workbook.

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